Zachary R. Wood

Zachary R. Wood is known for his dynamic perspective on free speech, race, and dissenting opinions. He acted as president of the student group Uncomfortable Learning.

Wood strengthened the groups commitment to inviting speakers with controversial perspectives to speak freely on the college’s campus. He is also author of best-seller Uncensored.

  • Zachary R. Wood & Louis Sarkozy

  • Photographed by Nicolas Niarchos

Zachary R. Wood & Louis Sarkozy

Photographed by Nicolas Niarchos

" His [Thomas Jefferson's] contributions to American democracy are undisputed. In the same time, it is important for us to learn about his complexity "

- Zachary R. Wood

"When we talk about Thomas Jefferson, slavery should be a point of interrogation and of discussion. I think one of the best ways to inspire young leaders, to help them build a more robust and nuanced understanding of what leadership really looks like, is to say here was a great man, who had great flaws "

" The ultimate upshot of this is One: we have to learn from this history. Two, we have to remember that people are complicated. You can do great things and still acknowledge your own imperfections. The hope is that, as Dr. King said, the arc of the universe does bend towards justice, and that over time we make progress "